Debt Collection Lawyers Now Under the CFPB’s Jurisdiction

Read about it in this National Law Journal article. Here's an excerpt:

Big banks, little banks, credit card companies, student lenders – it
seems like just about every player in the financial services industry
has complained about the power of the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau. Now it's the lawyers' turn. On October 24, the CFPB
released its final rule for overseeing debt collectors, and included
attorneys among those who will be subject to direct federal supervision
for the first time. Under the rule, which goes into effect on
January 2, the CFPB will have the power to send field examiners out to
the law offices of attorneys who engage in debt collection to review
their procedures, evaluate the quality of their compliance and identify
risks to consumers. In comments filed with the agency before the
rule became final, the American Bar Association, the Commercial Law
League of America and the National Association of Retail Collection
Attorneys protested that the CFPB was going too far.

0 thoughts on “Debt Collection Lawyers Now Under the CFPB’s Jurisdiction

  1. Nicole Mayer says:

    As has been mentioned before, I’m not sure what is not understood about this being the CONSUMER FINANCIAL Protection Bureau. Would the same people who complain about the Bureau’s authority would find it acceptable to limit the Department of Justice’s ability to take on anything other than murder cases? To take away the FDA’s authority to regulate anything other than food? To restrict the FCC from monitoring anything except radio broadcasting? If government agencies did not have jurisdiction over the fields their very name includes, we would have a million agencies and a whole new host of complaints.

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