David Lazarus: 56 years later, Kennedy’s call for a consumer bill of rights is forgotten under Trump

by Jeff Sovern

Here in the LA Times.  Excerpt:

[T]he current occupant of the Oval Office, President Trump, a wealthy businessman, is aggressively pursuing policies that undermine each of Kennedy's declared rights.

* * *

Kennedy proposed four basic consumer rights:

The right to safety: "To be protected against the marketing of goods which are hazardous to health or life."

The right to be informed: "To be protected against fraudulent, deceitful or grossly misleading information, advertising, labeling or other practices, and to be given the facts he needs to make an informed choice."

The right to choose: "To be assured, wherever possible, access to a variety of products and services at competitive prices." And if a market lacks competition, regulations to assure "satisfactory quality and service at fair prices."

The right to be heard: "To be assured that consumer interests will receive full and sympathetic consideration in the formulation of government policy."

* * *

Here's my quote:


"I could imagine Trump first endorsing a consumer bill of rights, and then walking it back after he spoke to lobbyists and members of his administration, which unfortunately may be the same thing at this point."

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