“Congress should crack down on predatory ‘pyramid schemes,’ not look away”

Lots of editorials and op-eds on consumer issues lately. In The Hill today:

Congress this summer is considering whether to pass legislation that would fundamentally damage the ability of the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers from pyramid schemes. As one of the commissioners of the FTC, I have a much different view. Americans lose millions of dollars to certain deceptive, unfair, and illegal multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities each year. These deceptive and unfair schemes have affected people across America and, in many tragic cases, have ripped away a family’s entire life savings.

The FTC’s 40-year enforcement history shows that deceptive companies act illegally and cause enormous economic harm. In some cases, companies’ deceptive and misleading advertisements entice consumers with promises of high salaries, flexible working hours, and the chance to sell attractive products or services to customers.

The full op-ed is here.

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