CFPB Head Richard Cordray Speaks to State AGs

I thought our readers might be interested in reading this speech given today by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray to the National Association of Attorneys General. Among other things, he stressed (1) a need to make mortage lending simpler and more transparent; (2) a preference that more consumer-protective state laws not be preempted; and (3) the agency's concern with preventing racial discrimination in the financial industry. On the latter score, Cordray said

For some consumers, the challenges they face do not come from
deceptive materials, debt traps, or dead ends but, rather, are rooted in
something even more offensive – discrimination. Unequal, invidious
treatment based on characteristics such as race or gender or other bases
prohibited by law is a serious roadblock to consumers seeking to make
economic progress. The statistics show very clearly that communities of color were hit
especially hard during the financial crisis. All Americans saw drops in
their household wealth, but African-Americans and Hispanics experienced
the steepest drops. This inequity is compounded by unequal access to
responsible credit, which makes it difficult or even impossible to
achieve their financial goals.

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  1. Tracy says:

    The Monetary Perform Influence right now released challenging new rules to avoid paycheck loan companies preying on weak men and women and pushing hard-up folk into critical debts difficulties.

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