CFPB Has No Update on Enforcement Freeze After Not Announcing Enforcement Action in More Than 2 Months

by Jeff Sovern

In response to my inquiry, a CFPB representative, Brenda Muniz, informed me today that "There are no updates with respect to the freeze on enforcement actions or the issuance of CIDs," and that the CFPB has not announced an enforcement action since its November 21 announcement about Citibank. Though the Bureau's press releases say that it is “consistently enforcing federal consumer financial law," and Mr. Mulvaney released a statement yesterday, which Allison linked to, in which he said the Bureau would enforce consumer laws on his watch, it's hard to find evidence of it, unless he means that the Bureau will continue to litigate cases Mulvaney's predecessor commenced, though even that is not always happening.  Meanwhile, today the Bureau issued the promised Request for Information Regarding Bureau Civil Investigative Demands and Associated Processes.

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