CFPB charges Portfolio Recovery Associates with continued illegal debt collection practices and consumer reporting violations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action this week against Portfolio Recovery Associates, one of the largest debt collectors in the nation, for violating a 2015 CFPB order and engaging in other violations of law. The CFPB’s proposed order, if entered by the court, would require Portfolio Recovery Associates to pay more than $12 million to consumers harmed by its illegal debt collection practices, in addition to a $12 million penalty that would be deposited into the CFPB’s victims relief fund. The CFPB alleges that Portfolio Recovery Associates violated the 2015 order by collecting on unsubstantiated debt, collecting on debt without providing required documentation and disclosures to consumers, suing or threatening legal action against consumers without offering or possessing required documentation, and suing to collect on debt outside the statute of limitations. The CFPB also alleges that Portfolio Recovery Associates failed to properly investigate and resolve consumer disputes about the company’s credit reporting.

The CFPB’s press release, with a link to the court filing and the 2015 order, is here.

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