CFPB analysis of potential impacts of medical debt credit reporting changes

This week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published an analysis of how actions announced by the three largest national consumer reporting companies – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion – will affect people who have allegedly unpaid medical debt on their credit reports. “Nearly half of those with medical collections appearing on their credit reports will continue to see them there even after the changes fully go into effect next year. The medical collection tradelines that will remain on credit reports after the changes will likely represent a majority of the dollar amount of all medical collections currently reported,” the CFPB explained.

The report finds the changes likely will result in the majority of individual medical collections tradelines being removed from credit reports. However, in terms of dollar amount, a large majority of reported medical collections likely will still remain. The report also highlights the characteristics of consumers with reported medical collections currently, and provides a state-by-state breakout of how the credit reporting changes will impact consumers’ credit reports.

The press release with a link to the report is here.

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