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Senator Warren and the Confirmation of Richard Cordray to Head the CFPB

Politico puts out an often-interesting email newsletter, titled Morning Money, every weekday. This morning's edition quoted "a person close to" Senator Elizabeth Warren as saying the following: 'It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that the large banks would have more ground to stand on with Elizabeth if they figured out a way to […]

Now that the OCC Head is Not a Bank Lobbyist, Republicans Want a Commission There Too

by Jeff Sovern The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is a bank regulator that, like the CFPB, has a single head rather than a commission structure and gets its funding outside the appropriations process.  I have pointed out before two things about this: first, that unlike with the CFPB, Republicans have been happy […]

CFPB Wants to Hear From Students

Here's the email they sent out:   Good afternoon,   We need your help to figure out what’s the deal with financial products marketed to students, like debit cards and checking accounts.   Email us at by March 18 to tell us about any aspect of your experience.   That may include: Signing up for the card or account […]

Times Editorial on the Republican War on Consumer Protection and the CFPB

Quietly Killing a Consumer Watchdog. Excerpt: The consumer bureau has taken seriously its mandate to protect the public from the kinds of abuses that helped lead to the 2009 recession, and it has not been intimidated by the financial industry’s army of lobbyists. That’s what worries Republicans. They can’t prevent the bureau from regulating their […]

Does Senate “Advice and Consent” Always Require an Affirmative Vote?

For those of you following the controversy over President Obama's recess appointments to the NLRB and the CFPB, Matthew Stephenson has an interesting essay in the current issue of the Yale Law Journal. Here's the abstract: It is generally assumed that the Constitution requires the Senate to vote to confirm the President’s nominees to principal […]

Full Court Rebuffs Recess-Appointments Challenge

On Monday, we told you about one company's efforts to bring its challenge to President Obama's recess appointments before the U.S. Supreme Court. The challenge came in the form of an emergency stay application directed to Justice Ginsburg, which she wasted no time in denying. The challenger — a company, known as HealthBridge Management, that […]