Bloomberg BNA: Trump Presidency Creates Uncertainty for Arbitration Rules

Here. The entire article is worth reading, but I've pasted in an excerpt below.  (HT: Gregory Gauthier)

“Trump and his businesses seem to have been big proponents of arbitration, using it as a way of getting disputes out of courts and therefore out of the public eye,” defense attorney Liz Kramer told Bloomberg BNA. Kramer, of Stinson Leonard Street LLP in Minneapolis, writes for her firm's blog Arbitration Nation.

“Given his overall ‘change' message, and repeated criticism of all things Obama, my gut tells me his administration will roll back these regulations,” she said.

Defense attorney Alan S. Kaplinsky, who leads the consumer financial services group at Ballard Spahr in Philadelphia, agreed. The election could, in particular, “spell very bad news for the CFPB” and its regulatory efforts, including those aimed at limiting class action waivers in credit card agreements and other financial service products, he said.

“Proposed rules pertaining to arbitration and small dollar lending are in jeopardy,” he said.

* * *

Plaintiffs' attorney Deepak Gupta, a prominent opponent of arbitration, agreed that Trump's “mandate reflects a deep distrust of Wall Street and the financial system” and that might work in favor of consumers and workers.

“Nobody really thinks he was elected because his supporters think Wall Street should get a free pass,” said Gupta, the founding principal of Gupta Wessler PLLC, a Washington public interest law firm.

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