Apple wins the FBI-iPhone dispute, by default

It appears the FBI has another way to hack into the San Bernardino killer's phone.

The good news for Apple is this avoids a court order that it must build a key for the FBI to unlock the iPhone. The bad news is that it suggests Apple's security perhaps isn't as good as touted.

The New York Times has the story. And this analysis from Fortune explains the pros and cons for Apple.

0 thoughts on “Apple wins the FBI-iPhone dispute, by default

  1. Maria Cervantes says:

    Writing from my iPad, discouraged by Apples empathy toward mankind. We are a world under siege. Women, children, youth are dying at the hands of terrorists. These are the same people who have purchased millions of Apple products and boosted the Apple brand to the heights that it has reached. It confuses me to think that there are those out there who would deny access to such vital information, for the sake of “protecting” the general public from government prying into our lives. They do anyway! I suppose it’s all about the money as it is in most cases. Sad.

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