Airbag Reports

by Jeff Sovern

The Times reported yesterday Takata Saw and Hid Risk in Airbags in 2004, Former Workers Say.  Last weekend, the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff Gelles weighed in with Safety agency is failing the public on air bags. One sidenote: stories on air bags and more generally on product safety rarely if ever quote law professors. I suspect that's because few law professors study these areas. When I surveyed consumer law professors on the content of their courses, there was little interest in covering product safety issues in consumer protection courses, as a result of which we didn't addd materials on that to our casebook.  The existing consumer law curriculum is pretty broad, so I certainly understand that, but surely somewhere in the law school world there are academics who specialize in these issues. And if not, that would be a shame, given the importance of these issues.

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