$200 a good price for your right to go to court?

If you think so, Chrysler has a deal for you: a discount in exchange for agreeing to binding arbitration. Of course, if there's a problem with the car, then you may end up out way more than $200, and the notoriously business-friendly arbitration system is unlikely to help with that.

This story on Jalopnik explains.


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  1. Ted Kin g says:

    Arbitration is synonymous with Kangaroo Court. I have been through two arbitration on two deals that turned sour with two different new car dealerships. One arbitrator was young Harvard law man. I pointed out there was no court reporter. He said, “no there is not. Proceed.” I walked out after it was apparent the Arbitration proceeding was a show.
    The second Arbitration hearing was about the same, no court reporter. Although I did get to ask a witness a question and he burst out with a full confession that he admitted drawing up a sham contract….His side was represented by two lawyers, who needed to prove the contract was valid. They did not even attempt to prove the validity. Then it was over and the finding by the Arbitrator was not a record or a finding…. it was a sham.

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