Jason Cross, Complaining About Right of Publicity Violations, Wants His Fans to See the Pages Over Which He Has Sued

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about a "country hip-hop" musician who had part of his lawsuit against Facebook, for hosting pages that denigrate him, dismissed under California's anti-SLAPP law but managed to hang onto his claims that Facebook had violated his right of publicity by hosting such pages while serving ads on them.    My post pointed out the dangers in this ruling; I have heard from a number of others who plan to file amicus briefs in support of Facebook on appeal.

But for someone who is unhappy about the existence of such pages, Cross seems anxious to have his followers see them.  In his first Facebook posting mentioning the case that I have heard about, Cross said "Anyone want to read up on my lawsuit that has already changed California Law as of  3 weeks ago… the decision passed down by the courts has FB trying to settle me out.  Everyone google Jason Cross aka Mikel Knight Vs Facebook."  This is what that running that search string on Google produces today:

Cross Google search

Interesting as it is that Cross is publicly discussing alleged settlement feelers from Facebook, one has to wonder why he wants his followers to conduct this search.  It calls attention to the very pages that criticize Cross for mistreating his staff that he wants to force Facebook to take down.

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