Donald Trump, Paper Tiger?

by Paul Alan Levy  

Donald Trump consistently gets press by filing suits that show his thin skin about being criticized, but he gets less coverage for threats on which he never follows through.  A couple of months ago, his lawyer Alan Garten threatened to file a "major, multi-million dollar lawsuit" against Angelo Carusone for the "Dump Trump" movement, which seeks to persuade Macy's to stop promoting Trump's fashion brand.  The letter was long on rhetoric, claiming that the boycott effort is a tortious interference with contractual relations, but short on specifics.  When I called Trump's lawyer more than one month ago, he blustered that it was Macy's that wanted Trump to sue, and that couldn't remember any specific false factual statements about his client but would provide them later.   A follow-up letter explained that the First Amendment protects the right to organize a boycott for policy reasons, and reminded Garten that he had not yet provided any specifics.

Garten still hasn't responded, nor has Trump filed suit.  Good reason for others not to back down when his mouthpiece sends frivolous threats of litigation.

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