Criminal justice databases and online privacy

Ars Technica reports on a disturbing report out of Colorado that Denver cops are querying state and federal law enforcement databases for personal uses, such as "to help officers' in the romance department and to assist friends, according to an independent department monitor."

Read the story here and the independent monitor's report here (go to page 16 for the start of the relevant section).

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  1. Douglas S. Evans says:

    Some Missouri Circuit Clerks are requiring Plaintiff’s social security number or date of birth in order to check them out on the Missouri MULES (criminal database) database before allowing them to file a CIVIL lawsuit. Allegedly, they do this to confirm the Plaintiff’s address. If the address given by Plaintiff does not match up with the MULES database, they will refuse to file the suit. This is unreasonable and it offends me that the MULES database is being improperly used in civil cases.

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