Company will break its own product instead of updating the technology

A company called Nest makes an electronic hub (the Revolv hub) that enables consumers to control the lights in their home remotely. Customers buying the product were promised "free lifetime service subscription."

But next month, the Revolv hub will become inoperable, thanks to Nest itself. Why? Because the company prefers to put its resources toward a newer product and stop updating the Revolv hub. Customers who have the hub are just out of luck, as Vox reports:

Nest isn't just going to stop providing software updates or security fixes for the Revolv hub. It's going to deliberately make these devices totally useless. If you made the mistake of buying a Revolv hub to control lights in your house, you're going to have to buy a replacement device or else you'll no longer be able to control your lights from your smartphone, and — depending on how things are set up — you might not be able to turn them on at all.

Read more from Vox here — including the persuasive argument that Nest should pay its customers for breaking their light system.

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