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Biden Extends Federal Student Loan Moratorium

On Wednesday, just hours after being sworn in, President Biden ordered the Education Department to extend the current COVID-19 suspension of all federal student loan payments and interest until at least October 1st. The CARES Act — Congress' third coronavirus relief bill, which passed in March 2020 — directed the Education Department to suspend payments, stop […]

Judge Strikes Down D.C.’s Moratorium on Eviction Filings

Yesterday, a D.C. Superior Court Judge struck down D.C.'s local law moratorium on filing new eviction cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, writing that the eviction filing ban unconstitutionally infringed on landlords' right of access to the courts. The decision strikes down the District's ban on eviction filings, but does not overturn the city's moratorium on actual […]

Do We Have To Tax Student Debt Forgiveness?

Student debt forgiveness is gaining traction among Democrats, with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calling on Joe Biden to forgive $50,000 of student debt via executive action during the first 100 days of his Presidency — that is, to adopt Senator Warren's plan from the primary. Last night, Jason Furman—one of President Obama's top economists—tweeted […]